WAKA is B3 at Meitengai map
Doyrayaki shop


Close : Thursdays
business hour : 8am to 630pm
call : 0465-63-3633
Address : Doi 1-16-3 ( MAP: B3 area )
Parking : available
local (regional) promotion coupons available.
local (regional) promotion coupons 'Premium 20' available.
QR code mobile payment
( PayPay, au Pay, d払い )
Credit card accepted
( VISA, Master, Amex, JCB, Diners )
prepaid transportation cards accepted
Shop owner comment
We sell Dorayakis with less sweetened red bean filling and soft puffy patties. We all want to make you happier with our small Dorayakis. With that in mind we sell Dorayakis with patties with a 'sticky and fluffy' texture.

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