Kyowa Kaihatsu Kigyoh is A5 at Meitengai map
Yugawara Real Estate Agency

Kyowa Kaihatsu Kigyoh

Close : Sundays. Publick holidays
business hour : 9am to 6pm
call : 0465-63-5511
Address : Doi 1-10-4 ( MAP: A5 area )
Parking : available
local (regional) promotion coupons available.
local (regional) promotion coupons 'Premium 20' available.
Credit card accepted
( VISA, Master, Amex, JCB, Diners )
Kyowa Kaihatsu Kigyoh
Shop owner comment
We cover Yugawara and seisho area with leasing of apartments and houses. Also houses and blocks of land for sale.

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