Ichiban tei is C5 at Meitengai map
Chinese restaurant

Ichiban tei

Open : 365 open
business hour : 11am to 930pm ( L/O 930pm )
call : 0465-62-4339
Address : Miyashita 29 ( MAP: C5 area )
Parking : not available
Original Website:https://itibante.com/
local (regional) promotion coupons available.
local (regional) promotion coupons 'Premium 20' available.
QR code mobile payment
( PayPay, au Pay, d払い )
Credit card accepted
( VISA, Master, Amex, JCB, Diners )
Ichiban tei
Shop owner comment
Our signature dish is Gyoza. The local specialty Tan-Tan-Yakisoba is also available.

western style table
western style table
tatami style seats
tatami style seats

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