as total photo studio is B5 at Meitengai map
School Ceremonies. Wedding. Family Photos

as total photo studio

Close : 1-4th January
business hour : 9am to 6pm
call : 0120-129-770
Address : Doi 1-3-26-2F ( MAP: B5 area )
Parking : available
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local (regional) promotion coupons available.
local (regional) promotion coupons 'Premium 20' available.
Credit card accepted
( visa, Master, Amex )
as total photo studio
Shop owner comment
We provide the studio photography for your memorable occasions such as your children’s Shichigosan, entrance ceremony, graduation or the wedding photos. Also the rental services for Kimono, formal wares, wedding dresses and makeup are available. We have casual shot services for a passport photo or your framed memorial one. Please contact us for your appointment.

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